Caroline Lucas and the All Female Cabinet

This week Green MP, Caroline Lucas, made a rather unpopular suggestion of creating an all female cabinet of cross party MPs to prevent a no deal Brexit. To say it fell flat is an understatement. I've had a couple of discussions on social media about this...

The Great Hack: AI algorithms and the power of illusion.

Hands up who watches Derren Brown and thinks "I don't care what he says, he's definitely got magical powers'? I've heard so many anecdotes from people leaving his live show, overhearing such comments from attendees. Why are we so committed to...

Proud to support Liverpool Pride

Bit of a cliched title, but last weekend I took part in my first Pride march. To be clear, I fully support everything Pride stands for, but I have something of a fear of crowds so I’ve always avoided anything that attracts large gatherings; I’ve...

Adventures in Coding: Javascript

Following some successes with the Bet Generator in both Python & C I turned my attention to the project work with the kids from Little Sandbox. The key elements that would be needed for the Kerbinator project, as far as I could tell were:A map,a...

Make your own: Brookside board game

In 2017 my other half (OH) and I, started watching Brookside from the beginning. We are currently at the tail end of 1986 - one of Brookie's finest years, featuring storylines such as: Tracey Corkhill's affair with her teacher, Sheila's rape, Gordon...
Helen P. Stephens. Photo by Ruth Anderson Davis

Helen P. Stephens. Photo by Ruth Anderson Davis

Helen P. Stephens is a maker, author and social entrepreneur.

In 2010 she set up a social enterprise to provide affordable web design services to voluntary and community groups. In 2014 she Co-founded Little Sandbox, a Tech Club for kids providing an environment for children to make use of digital equipment and resources to develop their tech skills. This expanded in 2019 to become a makerspace when Sandbox Workshop was opened to the public in a community library in North Liverpool.

Helen is also a non-executive director/trustee of 3 other social enterprises: VOLA Learning Consortium, Inclusive Economy Liverpool and Periscope Productions CIC.


Following graduation from a music industry management degree, she lived in London, working for a number of music companies. She returned home to Liverpool and worked in a variety of jobs from admin to childcare – She even had a short stint as a taxi driver – before she discovered her passion for Making.

Being a female entrepreneur in a predominantly male industry, she is passionate about encouraging women and girls to take an interest in technology and digital making.

She spends her spare time playing video games and watching television. She supports Liverpool football club and is a member of the Labour Party. She lives with her long term boyfriend and their cat Tilly.

Her debut novel, ‘Inspired by Night’ was published under the pseudonym L. E. May by Xcite Books in August 2014.

Social Media

Twitter – @HP_Stephens
Facebook –TheHPStephens