Adventures in C – A betting generator (take two)

My Raspberry Pi powered betting generator hit a bit of a roadblock today. I found a batch of LCD1202 screens and wired one up to the Pi. I found a whole load of tutorials and set up guides for using this screen with a Raspi and python, but no matter how...

Adventures in Python: A betting generator

This week, I was having a discussion with my other half about football and money and the subject came round to betting. Whenever he goes to the match his mates all chip in a few quid and they put a bet on. The bet is usually the final score AND either the...

Adventures in coding

I've been learning to code, on and off, for several years. In the 13 years I spent as a web designer, I picked up a thing or two with regards fixing and tweaking code, but mainly just HTML and CSS and if the Instagram memes are anything to go by, they're...

A New Year, A New Me.

We're already 8 days into the new year but I finally know what I want to do differently this year: I want to be visible. I want to stop worrying about what other people think of me, to the point where I don't raise my head above the parapet. I...

Patience is a virtue

I seem to recall hearing that when I was younger and rolling my eyes dramatically. But today, in a world where everything happens at the touch of a button, maybe we could all do with strengthening our patience. Gone are the days when you would wait 14 days for...
Helen P. Stephens. Photo by Ruth Anderson Davis

Helen P. Stephens. Photo by Ruth Anderson Davis

Helen P. Stephens is currently working on a nerdy, comedy novel, The Double Life of Molly Wood. She loves reading but was feeling disappointed by a lack of literary heroines that she could relate to so she decided to create her own. As a website designer and owner of a digital media company, she takes inspiration from the digital and technology industries. Her writing is littered with nerdy references and humour and her leading lady is smart, intelligent and comfortable with who she is.

Being a female entrepreneur in a predominantly male industry, she is passionate about encouraging women and girls to take an interest in technology and wants to show that nerds are cool.

Following graduation from a music industry management degree, she lived in London, working for a number of music companies. She returned home to Liverpool and worked in a variety of jobs from admin to childcare – She even had a short stint as a taxi driver – before she discovered her passion for digital media.

She keeps a regular blog on both her author site and company site, regularly contributing guest posts to other websites.

When she’s not writing or designing websites she spends her spare time playing video games and watching television. She supports Liverpool football club and is never more than ten meters away from a pizza. She lives with her long term boyfriend and their two cats.

Her debut novel, ‘Inspired by Night’ was published under the pseudonym L. E. May by Xcite Books in August 2014.

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Helen's debut novel, ‘Inspired by Night’ was published under the pseudonym L. E. May by Xcite Books in August 2014.

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