I wasn’t asked to write any acknowledgements for the novel, so I wanted to take the opportunity here to thank people for their particular support with making this novel happen.

So thanks to Xcite books for publishing my first novel and particularly Elizabeth Coldwell and Alex Davies my editors for trawling through the typos and punctuation mistakes and continuity errors.

Thanks to my friend Jason for the throwaway remark he made about about Fifty Shades of Grey that inspired me to start writing in the first place.

Also thanks to my friend and fellow author Mark Murphy for convincing me to send my manuscript off to publishers.

And Rile for keeping the distractions of awesome TV and video games to a minimum while I was writing.

Finally I have to give particular mention 3 very special people, without whom Inspired would never have been anywhere near good enough to submit to a publisher let alone get picked up publication:

Ruth, Elaine & Debbie. These marvellous ladies were entrusted with reading my very first draft – Inspired is written in the first person from Olivia’s point of view and anyone who knows me will recognise similarities between me and my leading character so it’s not easy reading sex scenes when you’re picturing the character as someone you know well. So fair play to these three for persevering with it and giving me some crucial feedback that shaped the novel into what it is today.

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