Adverbially Challenged Volume 2

Adverbially Challenged Volume 2 contains 100 adverb-riddled stories from 72 authors who submitted their work to Mike’s Not-Entirely-Serious Wantonly-Rule-Breaking Adverb Writing Challenge on Chris Fielden’s website.

They are:

Adriane Kirkbright, Alex Wilson, Allen Ashley, Bartle Sawbridge, Betty Hattersley, Binyamin Bashir, Bryan Smith, Christopher Fielden, Daniel Prestwich, Deborah Price, Diane Caldwell, Ellena Restrick, Emma Mulvaney, Florence Caplin, Frances Leggatt, Glen Donaldson, Helen P Stephens, Helmine Kemp, J. Rosina Harlow, Jade Slee, Jamie Caddick, Jenny Gaitskell, Jerry Wilson, Joan Withington, John Galloway, John Notley, Joseph Hancock, Judith Wolfgang, June Lee, June Whitaker, Kate Mulvaney, Kate Vane, Kathryn Watson, Laura Besley, Laura May, Lesley Truchet, Lilian Indombera Musundi, Linda Tyler, Lorna Gillies, Lydia Stott, Maggie Davies, Margaret Edwards, Mark Johnson, Mark Rutterford, Mathijs Koenraadt, Mel Ciavucco, Melanie Rees, Meredith Schulhof, Merryn Byrne, Michael Rumsey, Mike Scott Thomson, Mumtaz Waliat, Namita Mukherjee, Nick Davis, Nige Street, Paul Phillips, Peter Collins, Rebecca Henderson, Richard L. Moriarty, Ros Byrne, S.B. Borgersen, Sandra Orellana, Sarah Aston, Sarah Wilde, Sheila Gray, Sophie Mulvaney, Stephanie Sybliss, Teddy Hester, Tracey Maitland, Valerie Griffin, Verity Hemp and Zaheer Babar.

The adverb writing challenge was created to raise awareness of adverb over-usage, support authors and raise money for charity.

Every story submitted to the challenge is published, so writers can gain the experience of having their work edited and then see their stories distributed in print and eBook formats all over the planet.

Profits generated by sales of this book are donated to First Story, a charity that brings talented, professional writers into secondary schools serving low-income communities to work with teachers and students to foster creativity and communication skills.

Please help us raise money for this worthy cause and spread the joy of adverbs around the world – buy this book 🙂

You will find many writing challenges, all run in support of charities, on Chris’s website in the ‘challenges’ section.