What to write about?

With social media, it’s so easy to keep in touch, see what people are doing and, if you’re a bit socially awkward like I am, keep people at arms length. But don’t mistake leaving a comment on Facebook or favouriting a tweet for real interaction. Get off the sofa, put your phone on silent and go visit someone. Have a cup of tea with them, ask them about their day. And treasure them. You can always catch up with emails, you can do that personality quiz later, and those cat videos aren’t going anywhere.

Determining the purpose of writing

I always wanted to be an author. Even now, my career aspiration revolves around seeing my book on a billboard in a London Underground Tube Station. That feels like the ultimate arrival!
I don’t want a personal fame, I don’t want to be recognised in the street, but I would like to be able to slap the words “New York Times Best Seller List” across my website, and I wouldn’t even mind joining the girls on Loose Women for a little tongue-in-cheek chat about my male hero’s credentials.

You Just Have to Write

A few weeks ago, during International Book Week, I went to a Q&A with Neil Gaiman at Liverpool University. I'm probably one of the few people left on the planet, that hasn't read any of his work (although I have seen Coraline), and yet listening to him speak had a...

Christmas Blog Tour Book Blitz

It occurred to me that a big chunk of Inspired takes place at Christmas time. So what better time than now to do a bit of promo?

Fantasy & Sci-fi rock my world (repost)

Fantasy worlds are great because you have so much freedom to create things that suit your story and no one can argue with it. I have tried and failed many times to create a fantasy world. But I’m proud of my friend Mark Murphy for creating a brilliant fantasy world in his Minology series.

No, I don’t want to pay you to encourage me to write..!

Ever since I posted about NaNoWriMo I’ve been bombarded with cold-emails from PR agencies and such like, with lengthy details about how they support National Novel Writing Month and how they can help me stay on track towards my target of 50,000 words and give me feedback on my story.

National Novel Writing Month

I’m going to try and recognise National Novel Writing Month by completing my latest novel. But if I fail, it’s okay because in the UK it’s not NaNoWriMo, it’s National Vegan Month… I’m not observing that either!

Do books still get judged by their cover?

I can’t help feeling that reviewers, journalists and anyone else that I’m trying to promote my book to, won’t see past the publisher and even read the jacket blurb.

Yet there are countless books just like mine, blending romance with sex, being published by major publishing houses and no one gives it a second thought.