TV editing and Why People Deserve A Second Chance

With rumours that Steph’s boyfriend, Sam, might enter the house, is her illicit romance with Jeremy just an orchestrated act, planned by Big Brother with the consent of all involved “to make good telly”?
And is Christopher Maloney really that nice?

How are you feeling today?

Mental Health is often misunderstood, whether it’s stress, sleepless night, panic attacks, we’ll probably all experience some kind of mental ill-health at some point in our life time. Here’s my (limited) experience.

Being an Aunty

My sister has always been very close to our Aunty. She talked to her about boys and things that she didn’t want to talk to mum about. When my time came round, my sister filled that same role perfectly for me. And I vowed that I would be around to do the same for my niece.

A day in the life of a crazy cat lady

Following on from my recent post about my attitude towards having children, I wanted to describe what it’s like having a cat. In my mind, it’s seems pretty similar to having children, although I’m probably hugely underestimating the effort and joy of parenting, after all, I only hear stories, I’ve never experienced it. So I’m going to recount my experience of living with cats and you can tell me if there are any crossovers…

A No Kids Zone

I do often make reference to my cats when parents tell me about the cute thing their toddler did… Because my little pair of smoochie fluff faces are the absolute cutest little moggins in the known universe. Fact!
But in a way, having a cat is like the perfect balance between having a cute baby and a stroppy teenager…

What to write about?

With social media, it’s so easy to keep in touch, see what people are doing and, if you’re a bit socially awkward like I am, keep people at arms length. But don’t mistake leaving a comment on Facebook or favouriting a tweet for real interaction. Get off the sofa, put your phone on silent and go visit someone. Have a cup of tea with them, ask them about their day. And treasure them. You can always catch up with emails, you can do that personality quiz later, and those cat videos aren’t going anywhere.