Ahem! I totally missed the point when I read the synopsis of this book! I thought “sexy” might mean a few intense stolen kisses. Boy was I wrong, this book is hot and steamy and it took me by surprise. My fault totally as was expecting lighter chick-lit romp. It’s got much more than that to offer.

So Olivia is a games geek, has her own business developing game apps and is doing rather well for herself, fashion does not interest her and a good night in on the weekend is pizza and hours of gaming. Enter stage left her new hire, a games developer called Steven, a hot games developer slightly gorgeous and a bit geeky sexy. But NO, Olivia can’t/won’t cross that line and act on her attraction to Steven, she is the boss (I worked in HR and I was telling her that it was bad news, she didn’t end up listening to me!)

A social media friend of Steven’s called Chris contacts Olivia and they start up online chatting (as you do with a total stranger), now this went from polite small talk to discussions on masturbation and vibrators rather quickly. I was all up in arms “how dare you be so rude young man, that is not appropriate talk”, then I was like “oh right, it’s ONE OF THOSE SEXY EROTIC books” and felt rather stupid. A quick flick of my brain into sexy gear had me well settled for the rest of the book.

Between Steven and Chris, Olivia is one popular young lady, and well her sex life and her love life prior to this was about as stale as the pizza crusts she often leaves lying around. She’s a lovable character, she’s flawed, and relatable. And like Olivia, I love a sexy geeky man (if in glasses all the better!) and like Olivia we both find The Doctor sexy, yes, THE DOCTOR (the Tardis one, not the one with the medical kit).

The book has some hot and raunchy scenes in it, from cybersex to the real thing, so if you are looking for pure gushy romance, look elsewhere, this mixes up the two really well. It’s not pure erotica, it’s not pure romance, it’s, it’s a sexy romp of sorts! Anyway, it’s really good.

There are some really funny moments in the book that made me laugh out loud too (thinking of a sexy scene where farting is discussed) and it makes the book really down to earth, tangible and real. I think a lot of ladies will like this book.

So does Olivia give in to the seductive Steven who can’t take his eyes of her and flirts with her over his sandwich and computer at the office? What about Chris, I mean it’s his friend right? Will they meet up in person or just keep steaming up the keyboard on IM and camera chat?

Well, you need to read it to find out. Lots of fun this one, well written, decent editing – hurrah for that! Enjoyable and titillating (I had to put that one somewhere in the review). Don’t make the mistake like I did and expect pure chick-lit then get a shock when cybersex is happening, be prepared for it and enjoy!

Does the guy(s) get the gal or is Olivia destined to go back to solo nights at home with cheesy pizza and hours of video gaming? If she does, I am going over to hang with her, I liked Liv (Olivia) a lot.

This is one of those girls night in type of books, grab your chocolate, grab your wine or cocktail, flop in your comfy chair and escape!

I requested to review this book from the author as I was really interested to read it and review, I am really glad that I did, thanks so much for the opportunity!

Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
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