CH = Chain stitch
DC = Double Crochet
DC2Tog – slip 2 stitches onto your hook before making the DC stitch in roder to reduce the number of stitches overall.
SS = Slip Stitch
TR = Treble Crochet

This will be crocheted in the round.

Start with 2 CH and then make 6 DC into the first stitch. Close the circle by making a SS into the first DC.

Row 1: 2 DC into each stitch join with a SS (should now have 12 stitches)
Row 2: 1 DC in first stitch, 2 DC in second stitch. Repeat to end and join with a SS –(should now have 18 Stitches)
Row 3 : 1 DC in first stitch, 1 DC in second stitch, 2 DC in third stitch. Repeat to the end, join with SS (should now have 24 stitches).
Row 4 – 9: 1 DC in all stitches, join with SS (should still have 24 stitches by the end of row 9).
Row 10: CH 10. Skip 2 stitches and SS into third stitch. Repeat 7 times.
Row 11: DC2Tog. Repeat to end (should have 12 stitches).

At this point you might want to put some stuffing into the octopus to fill it out.

Row 12: DC2Tog. Repeat until the gap is closed and finish off.