I’ve been testing out several different tutorials this week, with different variations. So far this is my favourite one to make. Although cutting out the fabric takes a little longer than the pleated masks, the sewing part is much much quicker.

There’s 2 versions – one with elastic or fabric ties sewn into the mask and another with folded channels to thread elastic or ties through.

Both start out the same. I used a pattern I found online on this instructables link and opened the mask 2 regular pattern which i resized to 150% so the guide measure was indeed 2 inches and then i traced the pattern onto a piece of blitz because I have neither paper not a printer at home!

I’ve included a tape measure in my photo in case you want to trace around this…


Cut 4 of these from fabric – ideally using 2 different colour/patterns of fabric so you can easily determine front and back.



For each type of fabric, place the pieces together right side in and stitch along the rounded edge only



Open these both out and place them one on top of the other so the right sides are together and the seams are on the outside

From here you have 2 choices in terms of creating the ties/elastic loops

Option 1: create a channel to thread elastic or ties ( quicker/easier option)

Stitch the two sides together all the way around except for a gap for turning. – Turn inside out and poke out the corners. Close the gap.

Fold the edges in approximately 1.5 CM and stitch, leaving a clear gap in which to thread elastic.

Thread elastic through the channel and tie a knot. Repeat on the other side.

Option 2 – stitching in the elastic or ties

Put the strips of elastic or ties, and place each end along the edge of the mask Рright side material Рapproximately 1cm from top and bottom of the mask. The loop  or tail should be resting on the fabric. place the second piece of material (right side in) on top and stitch the first side, including the elastic or ties.

Leave the needle in the fabric and lift the foot and turn the mask. Making sure the ties/elastic aren’t in the way. stitch around the edge of the top of the mask until you reach the other side, stop and turn again.

Lift the top sheet of material and put the elastic/ties in the same position as before along the edge and replace the material before stitching that edge. Stop and turn,

If using ties gather all 4 ties into the bottom corner and stitch the bottom until you reach the ties. this can be the turning gap. If using elastic, make sure the elastic is away from the edge and stitch along leaving a turning a gap.

Turn the mask inside out and gently pull the ties/elastic to pull out the corners. Close the gap.