I love going to Anfield to watch Liverpool play. Especially in the Kop end with all the singing. I also love watching games on tv when Liverpool are the visitors but all you can hear is the red army singing.

I have often wondered how songs come about. I often hear season ticket holders say “we need a song for…” a new player or manager and then they try to come up with an appropriate tune to fit their name. Some players names are almost made for a song like former Brighton striker Bobby Zamora and That’s Amore.

Liverpool fans have a reputation for coming up with some great songs and puns – remember;

“who let the reds out hou hou-lli-er”

Current songs for Gerrard and Lucas are really enjoyable to sing along to.
“Steven Gerrard is our captain
Steven Gerrard is a red
Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool
A scouser born and bred”
(To the tune of the whistling song from Robin Hood)

and Lucas:
“His first name is Lucas, is Lucas, is Lucas
His 2nd name is Leiva, is Leiva, is Leiva
That’s why we like him, we like him, we like him
In fact we f#@king love him, love him, love him
Woooahh Wooooooahhh”

But I’m a bit disappointed with Agger’s song. Singing his name to the tune of Bananarama’s Na Na Hey Hey doesn’t even work properly there’s too many syllables in Danny Agger to replace Goodbye (even with the dodgy additional syllable the girls throw in – go-od-bye)
Come on Kopites surely you can do better than that??

My other half likes to sing his own tribute to Agger to the tune of the Black Lace classic(?) Agado –

Agger do do do Danny Agger we love you.

Much better don’t you think??

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