Inspired by Night


Olivia Jones is a nerd. The computer programmer doesn’t get out much, preferring to spend her time playing video games and watching movies. While she is successful and intelligent, she is also anti-social and romantically naive. Steven Teller has just graduated and landed his dream job working for Olivia. He’s young, handsome, and full of enthusiasm. He’s eager to impress his new boss, but employment isn’t the only thing he wants from Olivia.

An online introduction to Steven’s friend, Chris Knight, leads the two of them to start exchanging flirtatious emails and instant messages and while his attention flatters Olivia, his personal questions both shock and intrigue her. All the while, Steven’s feelings for her make themselves known, and Olivia finds herself torn between the mysterious, enigmatic stranger she met online, and the charismatic young man right in front of her.

ISBN-13: 9781783752751

First Published in 2014 by Xcite Books

Currently owned by Headline Publishing Group


Reviews for Inspired by Night

“This story is really well written and the characters come across as real people that you can actually relate to! There are lots of plot twists and some characters that you just love to hate! I would definitely read it again, and will be recommending it to my friends.” Rachael Osborne for What’s Good To Do

“Inspired by Night is an adult romance novel, it has its fair share of sexual content, some mystery and lashings of nerdy goodness. It’s got a little of something for everyone. A touch of the romantic period drama, the anonymity of an episode of Catfish and the social awkwardness of The Big Bang Theory. ”Saundra Fox

“She has a way with words that puts you at ease, brings you your tea, tells you to put your feet up and simply enjoy the story being told.” JJ Prins

I read the last 40 percent in one sitting because it was so incredibly good, and I LOVE the way it ended.” Chloe Jelane

“There are some really funny moments in the book that made me laugh out loud… This is one of those girls night in type of books, grab your chocolate, grab your wine or cocktail, flop in your comfy chair and escape!” Maxine – Booklover Catlady

“Like the best novels it played like a film in my head, and the second half of the book made my lunch breaks at work VERY interesting. There is simply no excuse not to buy this book!” Danielle Austen