IMG_3555.JPGInspired by Night was published by Xcite Books in August 2014.

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A sexy new age romance by debut author L.E.May follows Olivia as she is torn between the between the mysterious, enigmatic stranger she met online, and the charismatic young man right in front of her.

Olivia Jones is a nerd. The computer programmer doesn’t get out much, preferring to spend her time playing video games and watching movies. While she is successful and intelligent, she is also anti-social and sexually naive. Steven Teller has just graduated and landed his dream job working for Olivia. He’s young, handsome, and full of enthusiasm. He’s eager to impress his new boss, but employment isn’t the only thing he wants from Olivia.

An online introduction to Steven’s friend, Chris Knight, leads the two of them to start exchanging flirtatious emails and instant messages and while his attention flatters Olivia, his personal questions both shock and intrigue her. It’s not long before Chris encourages Olivia to explore her body and her sexuality under his guidance. All the while, Steven’s feelings for her make themselves known, and Olivia finds herself torn…


I really liked the characters but then . . . – 3 stars

I was pleasantly surprised when I began reading this book. It was lighthearted and funny and I enjoyed Olivia and Steven a great deal. Sadly, I wasn't as excited when Chris came into the picture. I thought it was very obvious what was really going on and everything...

So much more than I expected – 4 stars

The description of this book does not do it justice. It was so much more than I expected! Since I am not a techie-type person, it started out a bit slow for me because the beginning contains a lot about Olivia's job as the owner of a tech company. Also, she is a...

A must read – 5 stars

I thorougly enjoyed this book from start to finish. It left me wanting more, I do hope there is a sequal on the way. It was a refreshing change from the usual hot, sexy, rich, male CEO wooing the female. Set in real life scenario too. I laughed and cried reading this...

A breath of fresh air – 5 stars

L E May's debut novel is a long and absolutely wonderful read, blending romance, erotica and character drama into something I've never really encountered before - a full-length rom-erotica novel in which I both really cared about the characters and was really aroused...

First Review on ‘What’s Good To Do’ – 5 Stars

The first review of Inspired by Night has been posted on I'm really quite overwhelmed by the five star rating and the lovely write up made me cry! Reviewed by Rachael Osborne This book is described as a sexy new age romance. I must admit I was...

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Helen's debut novel, ‘Inspired by Night’ was published under the pseudonym L. E. May by Xcite Books in August 2014.

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