Ever since I posted about NaNoWriMo I’ve been bombarded with cold-emails from PR agencies and such like, with lengthy details about how they support National Novel Writing Month and how they can help me stay on track towards my target of 50,000 words and give me feedback on my story.

I hate these kinds of targeted spamming. For one thing, the excitement I feel when I get an email to my author account is indescribable and these soulless mass mailouts completely kill my buzz.

But the reason it really winds me up is that I just wasted time reading their lengthy email inviting me to visit their website to read even more information, or to get in touch for further details.

You know, if they spent two minutes on my website they’d see that, not only am I not taking part in NaNoWriMo, I’m not even based in the same country as them so why would I want to use them for any PR I might be tempted to pay for?

I’m only 700 words away from 50,000 anyway… But that puts me just past halfway into my novel. I’ll have much more chance of finishing my novel if my time and patience wasn’t being worn down by irritating spammers.

Trust me, People… With a royalty cheque of £14.90 – I cannot afford your services so stop wasting our time and leave me to enjoy my hobby of writing!

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