Guest blog for Saundra Fox

Another friend I've made through Twitter, Saundra kindly challenged me to write an article for her blog about chimpanzee sex... oh and my novel, of course. Saundra, a fellow nerd, has had lots of nice things to say about Inspired by Night so far. I'm really enjoying...

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Interview on Corrigan’s Cave

I had a ball answering the questions for Henry Corrigan's blog. I met the author on Twitter through Danielle Austen and he invited me round to his hot tub* to talk about my book. Henry's questions were really interesting and I suspect I'll probably expand on some of...

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Interview on

I've mentioned Danielle before in other blog posts. Danielle is the author of the Prophecy Girl series (links to buy are on my Amazon store page) published by Xcite books - which is how we met. I'd been working on the answers to this interview for a couple of months...

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Helen's debut novel, ‘Inspired by Night’ was published under the pseudonym L. E. May by Xcite Books in August 2014.

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