Bid Writing

I’ve worked in the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise Sector since 2005, 10 years as a founder and managing director of a social enterprise, responsible for bid writing. I understand the challenges of raising grant funding for community projects. Like any kind of writing, bid writing is a skill that needs to be developed. I had some successes with bid writing in the early years of my social enterprise but an awful lot of rejections. The more I wrote them, the more successful they were. Towards the end, I was writing grant applications on a weekly basis and having more success than ever before.

If you lack the time or the resources to write successful funding applications, I can help secure thousands of pounds of grant funding for your community projects by writing winning grant applications, so you can concentrate on doing more of the good stuff.

Or I can read your applications and offer feedback and advice on how to improve your applications so you can develop the skills to write winning applications.

Why work with me?

• I secured around £300,000 worth of grant funding for local projects in Liverpool & Sefton through a combination of small grants.
• I’m passionate about building communities and supporting social enterprise start-ups.
• I know what different funders are looking for and what they will and won’t fund.
• There are no long-term contracts, once the application is submitted, all correspondence will happen between you and the funder.
• I’m friendly and approachable.

Writing successful grant applications takes practice and a lot of rejections. I’ve already done the hard work, I’ve developed my skills and I know what works. Outsourcing your grant-writing to me means you and your team can focus on what really matters – supporting your community!

Get in touch and let’s see if we can work together.

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