In case you missed the furore on Twitter last week, the new Ghostbusters movie trailer was finally unveiled… And it seems that fans of the original movie are not impressed.

Or at least, if they are impressed they don’t want to admit it.

I love Ghostbusters. Last year on our trip to New York, much of our sight seeing revolved around Ghostbusters movie locations – we stood outside that fire station for so long that the fire fighters were about to offer us coffee.

So I am really excited about the new movie – in much the same way that I was really excited all those years ago about The Phantom Menace… Okay so I learned to lower my expectations but even that movie is okay by me because, no matter what, it’s still part of the Star Wars story and as such, holds a special place in my heart (behind all the other Star Wars movies, including the ones that haven’t been release yet)!

Had to laugh at some of the tweets though:

Unless Bill Murray gets involved I’m not interested”

So you’re interested then? It’s been well documented that he will have a cameo in the movie, as will Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and Sigourney Weaver.

So @melissamccarthy is one of the #Ghostbusters? And I’m not making that up..@BillMurray must be rolling over in his Grave!”

Erm… his grave? Shows how much attention this guys been paying!

The way I see it is, people love to hate. I watched that trailer and thought: looks like a good, fun comedy. It felt familiar because it has Ghostbusters all over it but I didn’t think of it as being some kind of sequel or a remake of the original – which seems to be the biggest gripe so far.

I’m sick of films being remade. I understand that there’s a need to refresh a franchise or modernise it to appeal to a younger generation, but some films don’t need to be remade. Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones – those films are perfect… Or am I just biased because they were from my youth?

I think we need to just look at this Ghostbusters film as a tribute to the genius of the original. Nobody is ever going to replace Bill Murray because he’s a one-off. But that doesn’t mean that a group of female comedians 30 years later can’t be just as entertaining.

Saturday Night Live has been churning out comedy talent for decades, throw in the much loved hilarity of ghosts terrorising New York and I can’t see what there will be to hate about this movie.

I’m looking forward to seeing it, anyway. I don’t expect it to replace the original film in my heart, but I can’t see me hating it on principle either.