Don’t let my title fool you. I love Jeremy Corbyn.

The media has been biased against Jeremy Corbyn, yet despite that, the Labour Party membership has grown to become the largest party in Western Europe. More than 300,000 members voted him as labour leader this week, after an unnecessary leadership contest which wasted both members time and money and could have been better spent campaigning to win over the electorate and oust the Tories from power.

And while the number of members have swelled since Corbyn first became leader, and more again, since the attempts to remove him, many of those new members were not eligible to vote (myself included).

I am concerned by the bickering and the backstabbing. The PLP need to accept that 62% of party members and supporters have chosen Jeremy Corbyn to lead the party. Let him get on with it.

We don’t know if Jeremy Corbyn is electable. The media say he isn’t, ignoring the fact that neither Ed Miliband nor Gordon Brown won an election. The 62% of Corbyn voters in the leadership election think he can be the next Prime Minister, but they make up less than 1% of the voting public. And latest polls suggest Labour are still falling behind. But then the polls also said Labour were likely to win the general election the last 2 times and look what happened there.

46 million people are on the electoral register but only 66% of those voted in 2015. I know many people who don’t bother voting because they don’t see the point, There’s no clear party that they relate to. There’s a lot of confusion about politics, and lots of people don’t bother for that reason. I know of people who vote because a party’s branding is the same colour as their football team. (Thankfully I know a lot of Liverpool supporters. But worryingly I know a lot of Everton fans too). It sounds daft, but seriously – how can they be expected to understand what they’re voting for if all they are faced with is media lies and party propaganda?

Jeremy Corbyn is something different.  Maybe, just maybe, Jeremy Corbyn, man of the people, voice of the disenfranchised, is EXACTLY what the Labour party needs to galvanise those 15 million non-voters to get off their arse and get to a polling station. Because finally there’s a clear alternative to the current leadership. In 2015 Labour won 9.1 million votes and Conservative secured 11.3 million. Let’s imagine for a moment, those 15 million non-voters have just been waiting for a Labour Party that they can relate to?

Suddenly Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t look quite so unelectable.