I was at an event for work recently and five minutes after settling into my seat and taking a sip of my tea, the presenter uttered the dreaded words “Ice Breaker” and I felt a little bit of me die inside. I hate Ice Breakers. I understand the purpose of them, but they make me feel awkward and uncomfortable and I sometimes feel like it’s the host’s way of trying to make something rather dry and boring seem like it’s fun and we’re all just a gang of happy campers, hanging out together playing games, instead of being forced to sit in a room full of strangers and listen to a boring presentation about boring work stuff.

Ice Breakers, and indeed, boring work events, are not among my favourite things. But during this particular Ice Breaker we had to tell everyone our favourite colour and animal and why we were there. (I said “the free lunch,” rather than the more honest “I was told I had to”)

But it got me pondering my favourite things and I realised that I’m not the sort of person that can commit to anything – I’m like Bruce Forsythe with his Strictly Come Dancing ‘favourites’.

Favourite Colour

I don’t have a favourite colour. If pressed, I usually say red. But that’s because I support Liverpool Football Club and I associated my favourite colour with my football team. Football may well be the only thing, for which I can definitively claim to have a favourite. I’ve often said green too, but I think that is largely influenced by the fact that green is my dad’s favourite colour.

Truthfully, I actually quite like blue, but it feels morally wrong to admit that. Frustratingly enough, blue looks good on me, much better than red, but you don’t pick a team for it’s colour, or at all in fact – I believe your team picks you!

As a colour scheme my preference is the classic black and white.

But in the wider world, my eye is usually drawn to turquoise, shades that span blue and green. But I’m not sure if that makes it my favourite colour. Frankly, if I was to select a favourite colour, it would be a specific shade and I’d know the pantone number for it!

Favourite Animal

julius-the-monkey-36879 monkeyandAlMonkey. Definitely a monkey. Or cat. Yes Cat. I don’t know. I’ve always loved monkeys. I love their little faces, and their human like mannerisms and opposable thumbs. I love that we evolved from monkeys (I know this isn’t actually true, we share a common ancestor with apes and chimps, but you know what I mean, right?). I have a large selection of Tshirts with a variety of animated monkeys. Paul Frank is the one exception to my rule about not wearing designer clothes – because I love Julius the Monkey. But my love of monkeys came from the knitted monkey in the ITV digital and then later the PG Tips adverts.

My Two Cats

My Two Cats

Cats though. I love cats. I’ve got two of the cute little buggers. One of them is a real princess and could give Grumpy Cat a run for his money. She looks at me with disdain, most of the time and I always imagine her plotting to kill me in the voice of Stewie Griffin (Family Guy). In fact she’s caused me to fall down the stairs on a couple of occasions – I’m entirely convinced she planned it! The other one seems to think he’s a dog. He wags his tail and runs to his bowl if we so much as move in our seat, and he runs to the front door to collect the post for us. He’s the one who comes to wake us up at 5am when he wants feeding. He scratches his claws down the wardrobe door and peers over at the bed to see if it woke us up. He’s a little menace, but he’s got these beautiful big eyes and a tiny little head and he couldn’t be cuter…until he flicks out his wolverine like claws, and stretches his paws up in the air to make himself look big.

But I love dogs too.


We could be here for months if I try to decide on my favourite book, film, song etc so perhaps I’ll leave those for another day!


What’s your favourite colour and animal?

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