Like many crazy cat ladies, I am the proud owner of two cats. Well no, that’s not entirely true – I am merely fortunate to be living with the human that two cats selected to be their human slave carer.

Today we took our youngest cat, Dexter, to have a front leg amputated. Just one week to the day we found out he had a bone tumour, he was in having, what felt to us like, a drastic procedure, that would give him the best chance at a fairly normal, lengthy life.

It’s been an emotional week. Swinging wildly from, ‘yes it’s the right thing to do’, to ‘I feel so mean cutting his leg off’. I just couldn’t shake the thought that we were doing something awful to him.

Thankfully I found lots of support around the world, through the Tripawds community – a blog space for owners humans of amputee pets to share their stories and the progress of their 3-legged 4-legged friends. I eventually adjusted my mindset to the idea we’re doing it for him, not to him.  Following their stories, I’m confident that our little Monster Muncher, will be back to his old self in no time.

Over the course of the last week, he stopped using his paw. It clearly hurt to put weight on and he’d been limping around for a while – which is why we took him in for a (De)X-ray in the first place.

And in the last few days he’s started moving much faster using just his good front paw. Hopefully once he heals he’ll at least be out of pain and no worse off in terms of his mobility, than he was before.

Have to say a huge thanks to the team at Adams Vets. They’ve all been brilliantly supportive, kind, and reassuring.

When we went to collect him, the Vet opened the door to the waiting room and called ‘Dexter’s Mum’. I’ve never been called a mum before. But our cats are like children to us. We worry about them, love them and enjoy their company as much as any parent does a child.

It’s been a week filled with worry and concern but now it’s behind us and we can all start the recovery process.