“A year and a situation that has stopped so many of us in our tracks and paused all our grand plans, until we don’t know when. It’s been a time of sadness, losses and loneliness for many, but you’ll read in here of eccentricities, tearful reunions and various kinds of happiness. Of people getting by and writers making it through. In stories and poems that wonder how the pandemic might be changing us and how we might do the ‘build back better’ thing so many are talking about now.” – Rachael O’Byrne

Writing for the Soul was launched in 2020 by Creative Spaces – a social enterprise in Liverpool – to inspire people to gather their thoughts, poems & stories during the Covid19 lockdown and collect them into a series of ‘zines.

I submitted a poem and a short story which can be found on pages 16 & 23.

Writing for the Soul Vol 2